IVPI in Brief

IVPI is basically an association of Veterinary Professionals serving the Poultry Industry in the Karnataka State and our Country.  It is totally a non-profit organization working towards the benefit and growth of the Poultry Industry.

The objectives of IVPI are to,
1. Promote the professional knowledge of its members and the Industry group.
2. Assist the development of the Poultry industry, in the State and in the Country.

We conduct annually about 3-4 scientific programs and workshops towards development of Professional knowledge and newer skills for the benefit of the Poultry Industry.

A Veterinarian is indispensable in the poultry industry.  In most of the poultry enterprises, apart from taking care of the health of the birds, a Veterinarian plays several other critical roles such as Management, Finance, Accounts, Marketing etc., as may be required by the company.

Our Constitution

Constitution and Rules

1.Association of vets from the industry
2. Association of vets from the poultry industry
3. Vets club from the poultry industry

This can be affiliated to Association of Vets from the Industry of Bombay or any other sister organization.  The Head Quarters of this association shall be at Bangalore.  The Jurisdiction of this association shall extend to the state of Karnataka.

(At a later point of time – it was decided that it is an association of veterinarians from primarily the poultry industry and related fields, anywhere from India or abroad – the headquarters be Bangalore, and at suitable stages, statewise chapters can be formed, co-ordinated through the Bangalore entity.  Hence, currently there are a small number of members outside the state of Karnataka).

Our Activities

Poultry Veterinarian is an indispensable service provider to the poultry industry. By the right and dedicated application of his technical and managemental skills, the poultry veterinarian is contributing greatly to the sustainable animal agriculture, thereby providing for greater food security, food safety and national wealth.

Poultry veterinarian today is at a turning point, a stage where it is essential to change his priorities and goals. The changing global and local scenario over the past decades have reached a point wherein the role of a veterinarian is entirely different that of the past. The multi-focal changes brought in by development of knowledge, change in breeding and nutrition practice, evolution of different sets of consumer preferences , and globalization of poultry trade have brought in a paradigm shift in the outlook of a Poultry Veterinarian. He is no more just an ANIMAL DOCTOR he used to be all these days.