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IVPI is an association of Veterinary Professionals serving the Poultry Industry in the Karnataka State and in Country.  It is totally a non-profit organization working towards the benefit and growth of the Poultry Industry.

​The objectives of IVPI are to,
1. Promote the professional knowledge of its members and the Industry group.
2. Assist the development of the Poultry industry, in the State and in the Country.

We conduct annually about 3-4 scientific programs and workshops towards development of Professional knowledge and newer skills for the benefit of the Poultry Industry.

​A Veterinarian is an indispensable in the Poultry industry.  In most of the Poultry enterprises, apart from taking care of the health of the birds, a Veterinarian plays several other critical roles such as Management, Finance, Accounts, Marketing etc., as may be required by the company.

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Institution of Veterinarians of Poultry Industry (IVPI) organized Annual Scientific Program on August 14th, 2019 at Hotel CONRAD, Bangalore based on theme, INDIAN POULTRY 2.O – UNLEARN, LEARN AND RELEARN” with emphasis on Poultry Marketing.  The program was graced by eminent speakers of Poultry Industry, also attended by people from Poultry fraternity.

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